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Experts in: Computer security

Aïmeur, Esma


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My research has three main components. In information security, I work on the protection of privacy. Specifically, I am interested in the preservation of personal information that is spread over the Internet and accessed by services such as search engines, social networks, geolocation websites, online learning and e-commerce.

I use cryptographic protocols and different techniques for privacy protection: k-anonymity, randomization, secure multiparty computation and privacy by design. I also work to improve privacy policies concerning the categorization and confidentiality of sensitive data.

In e-commerce, I am interested in customization (acquisition of customer profiles) and recommendation of products and services using algorithms such as demographic, content-based, collaborative and hybrid filtering.

In the context of intelligent tutoring systems, I am interested in learning strategies, human-computer interaction, assessment methods and learner modelling. To do this, I use artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning and data mining.


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I'm interested in pushing the limits of strongly typed programming languages so as to be able to use in circumstances where they are currently inapplicable. For example, designing advanced type systems that make it possible to write secure low-level code such as automatic memory management. More generally I'm interested in type systems that enable the programmer to explain to the compiler, via type annotations, why his program is correct.


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