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Undergraduate programs

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Computers play a role in almost every aspect of modern society and, as such, computer scientists are shaping every aspect of day-to-day life: a simple Google search queries billions of data items in a matter of milliseconds, modern video games mimic the appearance of the real-world while interactively connecting players across continents, and the way our bodies respond to medical treatments at the cellular level is modeled computationally in hopes of curing cancer.

These are but a few examples of how computer scientists are changing the world today, and the importance and demand for well-trained computer scientists is growing constantly.

A world of possibilities

The undergraduate programs at the Université de Montréal are designed to build world-leading computer scientists by providing students with the technical, mathematical, problem solving and interpersonal skills they'll need to succeed on an international playing field.

Our students gain the experience necessary in a variety computer-related fields, and our programs prepare graduates for exciting careers in a wide array of areas including:

  • Video games and animated films
  • Mobile and wireless communication
  • Image synthesis for animated films, television, and advertising
  • Analysis of medical and satellite imagery
  • Natural language processing and automated translation
  • Automatic handwriting recognition and intelligent user interfaces
  • Optimization of transportation infrastructure
  • Large-scale utility and industrial management
  • Robotics and automated physical systems

The Department of Computer Science and Operations Research offers students an engaging and exciting environment for developing their expertise. Intellectual challenges, hands-on exposure to the latest technologies, and real-world problems are presented side-by-side. The DIRO is always on the lookout for students who want to shape the way technology will change the world. Your opportunity to be a part of these changes is just a few clicks away!

An exciting job outlook

There's no better time to study computer science: our graduates work on a variety of problems in the technology sector, such as bioinformatics for medicine, robotics and intelligent automated systems, interactive data visualization and computer graphics, to name a few. The demand for high-quality computer scientists has never been higher, and it's continuing to grow!

Students who graduate from the DIRO consistently find success in the job market, either by starting their own companies or working in the following exciting fields:


  • Video game and software development
  • Data analytics and social media
  • Next-generation web infrastructure
  • Mobile and cloud computing technologies
  • Technological consulting
  • Computational finance and computations
  • Industrial research
  • Academic research and teaching

Here's a quick glance at the roles our students play in industry during their studies, through our co-op program, and after they graduate:


  • Software developers and program managers
  • Multimedia project managers for video games, e-art, and feature-film production
  • Artificial intelligence developers
  • Large-scale system architects
  • Mobile and cloud software developers
  • Network architects and managers
  • Bioinformatics developers
  • Computer security technologists