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International exchange opportunities

"The Université de Montréal firmly believes in the positive impact of international studies on the young minds and aspirations of our students." 

                                                                                                        − Guy Breton, UdeM Rector

UdeM students

Would you like to spend a semester (or more) studying or researching abroad? What about pursuing a joint PhD with an international university abroad? With over a hundred partner institutions around the world, anything is possible at the Université de Montréal!

All while keeping your status as a UdeM student and paying tuition fees here in Québec, you can study at an international university of your choice for one or two semesters, enabling you to couple a tremendous learning experience with the immersion of a new culture and country. Moreover, UdeM has several scholarship opportunities, available to a wide range of students, to fund their stays abroad. Click on the link below for more information.

Maison internationale
(514) 343-6935
J.-A.-DeSève Building, Office C-351

Student Exchange Co-ordinator
Max Mignotte
(514) 343-5747
André-Aisenstadt Building, Office 2377

Find out about the exchange programs available (in French)

                                   STUDY ABROAD IN 7 STEPS! (IN FRENCH)

The Université de Montréal provides students with all the administrative support they require to help fulfill their ambitions of studying abroad:

  • The Maison Internationale is your first source for all questions and information about studying abroad (and available scholarships). Check out its website (in French) and arrange a meeting with its advisors.
  • The DIRO's Student Exchange Co-ordinator will be happy to advise you on preparing a proper study program (e.g., choosing a host institution and courses). Make an appointment with the co-ordinator well in advance of the deadline in order to submit your application to the Maison Internationale. Plan for at least two meetings.

All applications must be submitted by February 1st (in French) for international exchanges planned for the following year, whether you are considering an exchange for a whole year or for just the fall or winter semesters.

You can also apply in September to study abroad in the winter semester, but note host destinations may be more limited. Contact the Maison Internationale for more details.

TASSEP: An exchange program for science students!

The UdeM is a member of the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program (TASSEP) network that aggregates and offers international destinations and institutions most suitable for science majors.

This program is particularly well-suited to European university destinations. For example, you can study in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Take advantage of this great resource to help plan your international university exchange and, in doing so, give your degree an added dimension.

Ask about the TASSEP program at the Maison Internationale. (in French)

International exchange opportunities with the DIRO

Both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science offer international exchange opportunities. You can go on one- or two-semester exchanges with universities all over the world including Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

As part of a partnership with the Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) University in France, some students may also be eligible to complete the last two terms of their Bachelor's degree at Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) University, by taking courses abroad toward a licence and master degree in computer science. The approval of an undergraduate supervisor is required.

The Université Paris VI provides financial assistance and gives these eligible students priority ranking for student residence housing accommodations. Financial assistance programs for student travel are also available, to help finance students' stay in Paris.

International Students

Every year, hundreds of international students from all over the world come to study at the Université de Montréal. Refer to the Bureau des étudiants internationaux's website for a comprehensive list of services available to international students.

Joint PhD

The DIRO's Joint PhD program, thanks to international agreements arranged by the Faculty of Arts and Science, allows students to earn a joint graduate degree from the Université de Montréal and a university in France, Belgium, or Switzerland. Such a joint degree opens doors to a variety of academic settings and gives you credentials recognized across two continents.

See the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website for more information.