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Experts in: Knowledge acquisition (Expert systems)

Aïmeur, Esma


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My research has three main components. In information security, I work on the protection of privacy. Specifically, I am interested in the preservation of personal information that is spread over the Internet and accessed by services such as search engines, social networks, geolocation websites, online learning and e-commerce.

I use cryptographic protocols and different techniques for privacy protection: k-anonymity, randomization, secure multiparty computation and privacy by design. I also work to improve privacy policies concerning the categorization and confidentiality of sensitive data.

In e-commerce, I am interested in customization (acquisition of customer profiles) and recommendation of products and services using algorithms such as demographic, content-based, collaborative and hybrid filtering.

In the context of intelligent tutoring systems, I am interested in learning strategies, human-computer interaction, assessment methods and learner modelling. To do this, I use artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning and data mining.


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Nowrouzezahrai, Derek


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My research interests span several areas of computer graphics including realistic, high-performance rendering, computer animation, fluid simulation, and geometry processing. Apart from devising new mathematical models of appearance, lighting and animation, I also apply techniques from machine learning in order to more faithfully reproduce real-world imagery. My research always considers the intersection of accuracy and performance, leveraging the latest graphics processors, multi-core architectures and cloud computing in order to accelerate and parallelize the execution of the computer graphics algorithms we design.


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