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Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus, le dépôt institutionnel de l'Université de Montréal.



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2024-03 FACTS-ON : Fighting Against Counterfeit Truths in Online social Networks : fake news, misinformation and disinformation
2024-02 Génération de données synthétiques pour l'adaptation hors-domaine non-supervisée en réponse aux questions : méthodes basées sur des règles contre réseaux de neurones
2024-02 Metaheuristics for vehicle routing problems : new methods and performance analysis
2024-01 Beyond the horizon : improved long-range sequence modeling, from dynamical systems to language
2024-01 Dynamic capacities and priorities in stable matching
2023-12 Methods for solving combinatorial pricing problems
2023-12 Towards a unified model for speech and language processing
2023-12 Towards combining deep learning and statistical relational learning for reasoning on graphs
2023-12 Apprentissage de descripteurs locaux pour l’amélioration des systèmes de SLAM visuel
2023-12 Sketch-based interactive shape deformation using shading isophotes
2023-11 Small batch deep reinforcement learning
2023-11 Fair vaccination strategies with influence maximization : a case study on COVID-19
2023-11 Domain-specific differencing and merging of models
2023-11 Fairness through domain awareness : mitigating popularity bias for music discovery
2023-11 Neurobiologically-inspired models : exploring behaviour prediction, learning algorithms, and reinforcement learning
2023-10 Parameter-efficient modeling and robust automatic evaluation of image captioning
2023-10 Représentations géométriques de détails fins pour la simulation d’éclairage
2023-10 On choice models in the context of MDPs
2023-10 Training large multimodal language models with ethical values
2023-10 Optimizing vertical farming : control and scheduling algorithms for enhanced plant growth
2023-10 Multi-attribute deterministic and stochastic two echelon location routing problems
2023-10 Predicting viral respiratory tract infections using wearable garment biosensors
2023-09 Contextual cues for deep learning models of code
2023-09 Predicting stock market trends using time-series classification with dynamic neural networks
2023-08 Automatic symbolic melody generation from lyrics
2023-08 Weak core solution for the non-transferable utility kidney exchange game
2023-08 A multi-agent nudge-based approach for disclosure mitigation online
2023-08 Toward causal representation and structure learning
2023-08 Towards adaptive deep model-based reinforcement learning
2023-08 Low-resource suicide ideation and depression detection with multitask learning and large language models
2023-08 Maximum flow-based formulation for the optimal location of electric vehicle charging stations
2023-08 Méthodes d'évaluation en extraction d'information ouverte
2023-08 Advances in uncertainty modelling : from epistemic uncertainty estimation to generalized generative flow networks
2023-08 Sequential decision modeling in uncertain conditions
2023-08 Rethinking continual learning approach and study out-of-distribution generalization algorithms
2023-08 Improving predictive behavior under distributional shift
2023-08 Analysis and evaluation of the pilot attentional model
2023-08 Reasoning with structure : graph neural networks algorithms and applications
2023-08 Few-shot prompt learning for automating model completion
2023-08 Co-simulation for controlled environment agriculture
2023-08 Remote sensing representation learning for a species distribution modeling case study
2023-08 Efficient reformulations for deterministic and choice-based network design problems
2023-08 An exploratory study of decision-focused learning for mutli-commodity network design in transportation
2023-07 Conditional generative modeling for images, 3D animations, and video
2023-07 AI for molecule discovery with multi-modal knowledge
2023-07 La reconnaissance automatique des brins complémentaires : leçons concernant les habiletés des algorithmes d'apprentissage automatique en repliement des acides ribonucléiques
2023-07 Adding hygiene to gambit scheme
2023-07 Learned interpreters : structural and learned systematicity in neural networks for program execution
2023-07 Towards privacy-preserving and fairness-enhanced item ranking in recommender systems
2023-07 AI-based modeling of brain and behavior : combining neuroimaging, imitation learning and video games