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Thèses et mémoires

Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus, le dépôt institutionnel de l'Université de Montréal.



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2023-06 FETA : fairness enforced verifying, training, and predicting algorithms for neural networks
2023-05 Emergence of language-like latents in deep neural networks
2023-05 Leveraging self-supervision for visual embodied navigation with neuralized potential fields
2023-04 Model-based hyperparameter optimization
2023-04 Investigating intra and inter-subject performance with deep learning for gait on irregular surfaces
2023-04 Toward trustworthy deep learning : out-of-distribution generalization and few-shot learning
2023-04 Calibrated uncertainty estimation for SLAM
2023-04 Sur l’application de la structure de graphes pour le calcul automatique de nombres de reproduction dans les modèles à compartiments déterministes
2023-04 Amélioration des messages d'erreurs Typer par algorithme génétique
2023-04 Detection, recuperation and cross-subject classification of mental fatigue
2023-04 Détection de tableaux dans des documents : une étude de TableBank
2023-04 Multi-task learning for joint diagnosis of CNVs and psychiatric conditions from rs-fMRI
2023-04 Enhancing cybersecurity awareness through educational games : design of an adaptive visual novel game
2023-03 Fear prediction for training robust RL agents
2023-03 Computational modeling and design of nonlinear mechanical systems and materials
2023-03 Context-aware ranking : from search to dialogue
2023-02 On impact of mixing times in continual reinforcement learning
2023-02 Variations sur le protocole BB84 avec bases de polarisation secrètes
2023-01 Deep networks training and generalization: insights from linearization
2023-01 Analysis of the human corneal shape with machine learning
2022-12 Stabilizing Q-Learning for continuous control
2022-12 Taxonomy of datasets in graph learning : a data-driven approach to improve GNN benchmarking
2022-12 Automatically correcting syntactic and semantic errors in ATL transformations using multi-objective optimization
2022-12 Re-weighted softmax cross-entropy to control forgetting in federated learning
2022-12 Regroupement de textes avec des approches simples et efficaces exploitant la représentation vectorielle contextuelle SBERT
2022-12 Accelerated algorithms for temporal difference learning methods
2022-12 Automatic taxonomy evaluation
2022-12 Reinforcement learning applied to the real world : uncertainty, sample efficiency, and multi-agent coordination
2022-12 Attention, concentration, and distraction measure using EEG and eye tracking in virtual reality
2022-12 Gestion manuelle et sécuritaire de la mémoire en Typer