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Application for admission to the DESS en apprentissage automatique (Machine Learning)

Roger-Gaudry Building


To be accepted into one of Mila's programs you must be selected by both MILA and the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) and have completed the MILA selection process. To be eligible as a regular student in the DESS program in Machine Learning (Apprentissage Automatique), the candidate must meet the following conditions :

  • Hold a B.Sc. degree in Computer Science or another relevant degree, all degrees having been successful with an average of at least 3,0/4,3, or the equivalent, or certify training deemed equivalent;

  • Have successfully completed a minimum of 40 credits of university courses, or the equivalent, in Computer Science and Mathematics, including the following courses (or their equivalents):

    • MAT1400 Calcul 1;
    • MAT1600 Algèbre linéaire 1;
    • MAT1978 Probabilités et statistique;
    • IFT1015 Programmation 1
    • IFT2015 Structures de données;
    • IFT2125 Introduction à l’algorithmique;

    The Department may, if not, impose additional courses;

  • Knowledge of the Python programming language is an advantage for some courses.

You must complete an admission form online on the University of Montreal website:
By respecting the following deadlines: Fall semester, February 1st.

Attention: For Mila programs (DESS in Machine Learning, Professional MSc in Machine Learning and Research MSc in machine learning), the application procedure is in two steps: the deadline for the first step of the Mila admission process is December 1st for Admission in the Fall (please read the document Procedure for applying to MILA programs

You must provide the originals of the following documents: transcripts for all previous diplomas and your birth certificate. Additional Information:
DIRO's Graduate Studies Committee must have received all the required documents and your application for admission in order to analyze your application and give a positive or negative decision to the application for admission to the program.

You will receive an email from the University of Montreal with the Notice of Decision. This Notice is your official letter giving you the positive or negative decision concerning your admission into the program. This Notice allows you to request your CAQ and Study Permit from the Immigration Department.

You will have 30 working days to accept a positive admission offer in your Student Center - Synchro.

If you are accepted into the program and you decide not to come to the program at the University of Montreal, you must notify the TGDE of the program by e-mail of your withdrawal. (Email address:

We strongly recommend that you pay the application fee online using a credit card. If you do not have one, use a card of a family member or relative. Please note that the request will not be forwarded until the payment has been made.

The payment terms are described on our website at the following link:
Please note that documents must be sent to us by downloading them in your Student Center – Synchro within 10 business days after submitting your online application.

Upload :

 If you must delay your admission to the program in the chosen trimester, you must indicate the postponement by following the procedure below:

Postponement of admission

Here is the procedure to follow for a postponement of the application for admission:

  • Complete a new application for admission up to the payment stage without making this one
  • You will get a confirmation number, 500XXX
  • You should email this confirmation number to the TGDE of the DESS program at this address:
  • Upon receipt of this email, the TGDE will arrange for the postponement of the application
  • You will receive a new Notice of Decision by email and you will have 30 days to accept the application in your Student Center - Synchro

International student

A foreign student must apply for admission to a full-time program unless he or she holds a permit, other than a student (work or tourist) permit to be an independent student (“étudiant libre”) for a maximum of 8 credits.

Degree equivalence levels by country for admission requirements

As a foreign student starting in fall, the application for online admission must be completed before February 1st if you wish to begin in winter, you must apply for admission before September 1 of the previous year.

A period of 6 to 9 months is required to obtain the UdeM's decision, the Québec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) and the study permit and the visa, if required.

If you have not completed your program at the time of your application, you can send your most recent transcripts for the study of your file. If you are admitted, you will have a conditional admission required you to provide a proof of your graduation to the ESP (with transcripts and cumulative grade point average) by the beginning of the term (original or certified official document).

If your studies have not been completed in French and you are admitted, the Graduate Program Committee will decide, after the complete study of your file, whether or not to pass the test of International French (TFI). If so, the UdeM will contact you so that, before you arrive in Montréal, you can pass the TFI test with an average of 785/990 or else pass the DALF or TEF with a C1 level based on the proficiency levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR). The DALF B2 is not accepted because this average does not satisfy our requirements.

More information on the admission's process

Admission's service


The conditions of admission to the Master's program and additional documents to be provided, if applicable:

Here you will find the official documents to be provided(certified documents are accepted), some additional documents may be required by the program:

For any problem of admission online