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The co-op option

The DIRO's Co-op option allows students to accumulate significant industrial experience, as well as earning a salary during their studies.

Even before finishing their degrees, students who enroll in the Co-op option will have accumulated a year's worth of real-world experience in the workplace, forming useful industry contacts. It's not uncommon for co-op employers to hire their co-op students into full-time positions after the completion of their degrees!

In the Bachelor's in Computer Science program, the Co-op option includes 3 mandatory semesters of industrial internships. Students can qualify for the Co-op option after 2 semesters of coursework if they meet the requirements for the option (a selection interview and a GPA of at least 2.7/4.3).

The Co-op option is particularly attractive to students who want to accelerate their progression through their Bachelor studies, all while gaining industrial experience and turbocharging their career options: after only 9 semesters, just barely 36 months of studies, students graduate with a Bachelor's degree and 1 year of work experience with up to 3 companies.

Of the 9 terms in this option, 3 are reserved for the mandatory industrial internships. These internships are always completed in the 4th (Fall), 6th (Summer) and 8th (Winter) semesters.

Co-op admission criteria

Students must have completed 2 semesters of study in the Bachelor's program before they can be admitted into the Co-op option. They must have:

  • Started their full-time studies in September.
  • Successfully finished the courses outlined in Section 9 of the Guide to Undergraduate Studies (in French).
  • Maintained a grade point average of 2.7/4.3.

Students must submit applications by March 1, in their 2nd semester, by completing the appropriate application form (in French).

Admission results are announced in late April of that semester. Students selected for the Co-op option must subsequently enroll in full-time courses during the upcoming summer semester as well as completing the 4 mandatory courses in the program: IFT2015, IFT2035IFT2255 and IFT2105 (all in French).

During the summer semester, admitted students will take part in tailored activities designed to help them find and choose their Fall internship: these CV writing workshops, interviewing techniques and training, and interviews with prospective employers.

Click here for more information regarding the entire internship process (in French).