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  • The option with thesis includes 7 specialty choices: general, imaging, artificial intelligence, computational biology, theoretical and quantum computing, programming, software engineering and operations research.
  • You have until the end of the 2nd trimester of admission to submit your "Study Plan" form signed by your research director, mentioning the chosen specialty to your TGDE.
  • You must take 2 courses out of 4 in the specialty block.
  • The thesis must be written in association with a laboratory of the chosen specialty. (Ex: For Artificial Intelligence: MILA, RALI AND HERON)

Procedure for thesis' deposit in computer science

  • Must submit the notice of deposit of thesis by sending it to the TGDE by mail in pdf format 2 months prior to the deposit of the version for evaluation of your thesis. See the form on the FESP website.
  • If necessary, complete the form to request the writing of your thesis by article and send it to the TGDE by mail in pdf format. See the form to be completed on the DIRO website.
  • IMPORTANT: The page 2 - Identification des membres du jury need to be included. See the template in the important forms section: Identification des membres du jury - Template.
  • With the approval of your research supervisor, you must send the version for evaluation of your thesis in PDF format by email to the TGDE of the DIRO.

  • Following receipt of your Thesis:

    • The TGDE will send you the form "Receipt of Submission (Reçu de dépôt)" which you should electronically sign and promptly return to TGDE.
    • Upon receipt of this signed "Receipt of Submission" form, the TGDE will forward your Thesis to the jury members for the evaluation.

    IMPORTANT: The Thesis will not be sent until the signed "Receipt of Submission" form is returned to the TGDE.

    • The jury members will have one month to evaluate it and give the corrections to make:

      • If it is minor corrections, the student will receive a list of corrections to be made and he / she will have 1 month to do so and return a corrected version of his / her memoir to the president-rapporteur of his / her jury. If this corrected version is accepted, the TGDE will receive the form "final report" signed by all members of the jury and will send the student an e-mail explaining the filing of the paper in Papyrus

      • If it is major corrections, the jury will decide the duration to make the corrections, will make the list of the corrections and the president-rapporteur will send to the TGDE the preliminary report with the duration and the list of the corrections. The TGDE will inform the student, by email, of the duration and corrections to be made and how to proceed to send the new version of the thesis. The procedure of the deposit of memory must be resumed at this moment:

        • new form of the notice of deposit of memory,
        • deposit of the new version of the corrected thesis sent to the TGDE
        • Send of this thesis to the members of the jury for evaluation
        • Receipt of the form "final report" signed by all members of the jury
        • Send by the TGDE of the explanatory email for the deposit of the memory in Papyrus

  • The confirmation of the deposit in Papyrus will be sent to the TGDE who will do the processing for the graduation. As long as the deposit in Papyrus is not done, the student will be registered each term with the status correction-evaluation.
  • The student will be able to apply for a "graduation certificate" from: (the student must provide his / her name, registration number and the number of the program of study) he / she must complete an application for a particular attestation with the Registrar's Office:
  • The student must have paid all his tuition fees, check his address at home in his Student Center - Synchro. This is to receive his diploma within 6 to 9 months after the end of graduation, either by mail or at the Convocation graduation, in early November of each year. See the Université de Montréal Convocation website.