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Readmission to the master's program

Readmission to the program

For a readmission to the program following the abandonment of this program, the following procedure must be followed:

1) Have the approval of the research supervisor of the thesis to be evaluated by the members of a jury.


2) In the same day:


    apply for readmission to the program and pay fees

    send in PDF format the thesis to be evaluated at the TGDE

    complete a form "Notice of deposit of ..." thesis and send it to the TGDE


3) Following receipt of this document, the TGDE must request a nomination of an evaluation jury tio the responsable of graduate studies.


4) The TGDE must also verify the receipt of the readmission application, forward the readmission file to the Study Committee for analysis and decision, issue a completed AD-1 form following the decision, provide the ESP with an official receipt of the deposit of the thesis to let the ESP accept the AD-1 and execute the treatment to obtain the Notice of Decision.


5) The student will receive an email from UdeM with the Notice of Decision and will have 30 days to accept the readmission offer in his Student Center - Synchro.


6) As soon as the student has accepted the readmission offer, the TGDE must register the student in the filing period with the status "in writing".


7) As soon as the jury members are known, the TGDE will send the thesis to the members for evaluation.