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procedure for the directed work

Before starting the directed work

•    A web page lists all the proposals of work directed by the professors of the department.
•    The student interested in a subject discusses directly with the teacher.
•    In the event of an agreement, the directed work registration form must be completed and submitted to the graduate EDT.
•    The head of graduate studies will check and if necessary approve this form.
By signing this form, the teacher undertakes to provide the student with a subject that can be realized within a period of 3 months and the means to carry it out (office with computer, assistance, etc.).

Once the directed work completed

At the latest 1 month after the formal completion of the directed work, the student submits to the TGDE of the graduate studies an electronic version of a short report (about twenty pages) mentioning the issues of the subject and achievements.
The document will be sent in pdf format to the following email address:

Evaluation of the directed work report

Upon receipt of the directed work report:

• An official receipt for the deposit of a supervised work report is issued by the Graduate TGDE
• The Head of Graduate Studies appoints a jury consisting of the supervised work director (chair of the jury) and another professor.
• The TGDE transmits to the jury the supervised working report and the evaluation form.
• This jury then has 4 weeks to evaluate the report and a non-contributory grade will be given.
• The award of a grade lower than C terminates the student's application (art.67.3).
• The jury submits the evaluation form to the TGDE and the associated grade is recorded in the student's academic file.

Reminder of documents

•    Form to register a directed work