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Plan global d'études


In order to begin the study plan and success plan procedure, the research subject registration form must be completed, signed and sent to the TGDE.

Once the TGDE has registered this form in your Student Center, you must follow the procedure below as well as in the Student Guide to the Plan of Study found on the DIRO website

Procedure to create the "Plan d’études":


  1. Fill the included form and send it back to me.
  2. After reception, I will begin the first step of the procedure.
  3. I will advise you when your "Plan d’études" (in WORD format) is on your Student Center and you will have to verify it and, if everything is OK, transform it into PDF form.
  4. Next, you will have to fill the first page of "Plan de soutien à la réussite". To not forget to check the box on the last line of this 1st page. You do not have to fill in the other pages. Convert this form to PDF format.
  5. When all those forms are in PDF, upload them in your Student Center and notify me by email.
  6. Upon reception of your email, I will begin the second step of the procedure: Approval of the forms by you, your supervisor and the Head Officer of Study. You will get an email notification for this approval.
  7. This procedure ends with the approval of these forms by the Head Officer. you can complete your application for a scholarship with those 2 documents.