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Plan global d'études

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In order to begin the study plan and success plan procedure, the research subject registration form must be completed, signed and sent to the TGDE. This form can be requested from the TGDE.

Once the TGDE has registered this form in your Student Center, you must follow the procedure below as well as in the Student Guide to the Plan of Study found on the DIRO website

Procedure to create the Plan of Study and Success Plan:

  1. Get the version of the Study Plan in WORD format from your Student Center.
  2. Check that there are no errors on the document. If everything is in order, transform this study plan into a PDF format.
  3. Fill in only the first page of the success plan and check the last line. Transform into PDF format.
  4. When the 2 forms are in PDF format, deposit them on your Student Center and notify your TGDE.

The EDT will then initiate the 2nd step of this process - the approval of the documents by you, your director and the Graduate Studies Officer. An email will be sent to notify you. The process ends with the approval of the Graduate Studies Officer and you will be able to complete your application for an award with the 2 documents.