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Process of the going through to PhD

Going through to PhD

Here is the procedure to apply for an accelerated passage to the doctoral program: 

1) The student provides a plea on why he wants to do a PhD.

2) The research director provides a support's plea to the application and a reason for going through to PhD.

3) The student must provide a plan of his PhD research.

4) The student must complete a PhD application for the desired term online on the Université de Montréal website.

5) All these documents must be sent by email to the graduate studies supervisor.

6) The head of graduate studies has to send the documents received and his approval (if it's positive) to the person in charge of at the FAS Direction.

7) This person analyze the request and send the decision to both the head of studies and the ESP.

8) If the answer is positive, the department will process the request for admission to the PhD at the FESP.

9) The student will receive an email with the Notice of Decision attachment.