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Complementary Courses IFT2015 and IFT2125

A complementary course is a course added to your program structure and calculated in the general program's average (GPA), when your previous academic preparation does not meet the requirements of the program to which you are admitted.


The DIRO Graduate Admissions Review Committee evaluates your academic background and may decide to add the admissions requirement of completing and passing 1 or 2 of the following complementary course(s): IFT 2015 - Data Structures and IFT 2125 - Introduction to Algorithms.


The DIRO departmental policy requires that these courses be taken early in the program. It will not be permissible to begin the internship or to access to the redaction status with a thesis if these courses are not successfully completed. According to DIRO regulations, the complementary courses must be taken at the University of Montreal, during the first two terms as follows:

These courses are only offered in French, most textbooks and course materials are in English, and most professors are willing to let you pass your exams and submit assignments in English as well.

The minimum passing grade for these courses is C, which is in accordance with the grading system for graduate courses.

For more information about complementary courses, please consult the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Academic Regulations : Section XI - Eligibility Requirements and Mandatory Courses

48A.  Complementary Courses and Minimum Normal Education
In the event that this addition does not exceed nine credits, the courses are incorporated into the student's program as complementary courses; the minimum schooling is then not extended.

The results of the evaluation of the complementary courses are included in the calculation of the general program's course average (GPA).