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A unified framework for the comprehension of Software's Time Dimension

Soutenance de thèse de Omar BENOMAR, Département d'informatique et de recherche opérationnelle, Université de Montreal.


  • Président-rapporteur : Jean-Yves Potvin
  • Directeur de recherche : Houari Sahraoui
  • Co-directeur : Pierre Poulin
  • Membre du jury : Olga Baysal
  • Examinateur externe : Prof. Michele Lanza ; University of Lugano, Suisse
  • Représentant du doyen de la faculté : Prof. Radu Iftimie ; Département de chimie

Software are getting more and more complex and are developed by teams that are constantly changing and not necessarily working in the same location. Moreover, most software, nowadays, are recycled rather than being developed from scratch. A comprehension task is crucial when performing maintenance tasks; it consists of analyzing multiple software dimensions concurrently. Time is one of these dimensions, as software change state with time in two manners: during their execution and during their evolution. These changes make sense only when analyzed within the context of other software dimensions, such as structure or bug information. Multidimensional analysis is a difficult problem to solve. However, there are certain methods that bypass this difficulty, such as semiautomatic approaches. Software visualization is one of them, as it allows being part of the analysis by exploring and guiding information search.

Location: Université de Montréal - Pavillon André-Aisenstadt