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Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus, le dépôt institutionnel de l'Université de Montréal.



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Date Trier par date en ordre croissant Titre Trier par titre en ordre croissant
2020-10 Advances in deep learning methods for speech recognition and understanding
2020-10 Theseus : a 3D virtual reality orientation game with real-time guidance system for cognitive training
2020-10 A rolling horizon approach for the locomotive routing problem at the Canadian National Railway Company
2020-09 Real-time human action and gesture recognition using skeleton joints information towards medical applications
2020-09 A game theoretical model for a collaborative e-learning platform on privacy awareness
2020-08 Towards privacy preserving cooperative cloud based intrusion detection systems
2020-08 Lifelong learning of concepts in CRAFT
2020-08 On learning and generalization in unstructured taskspaces
2020-08 Neural approaches to dialog modeling
2020-08 Entity-centric representations in deep learning
2020-08 Open source quality control tool for translation memory using artificial intelligence
2020-08 The multilevel critical node problem : theoretical intractability and a curriculum learning approach
2020-08 Edit distance metrics for measuring dissimilarity between labeled gene trees
2020-08 Optimizing ANN Architectures using Mixed-Integer Programming
2020-07 Multi-player games in the era of machine learning
2020-07 Look-ahead meta-learning for continual learning
2020-07 Apprentissage de circuits quantiques par descente de gradient classique
2020-07 On two sequential problems : the load planning and sequencing problem and the non-normal recurrent neural network
2020-07 Vérification des patrons temporels d’utilisation d’API sans exécution du code : une approche et un outil
2020-07 Towards better understanding and improving optimization in recurrent neural networks
2020-06 An intelligent real-time help system for clinical reasoning in virtual reality environment based on emotional analysis
2020-06 Assessing the robustness of genetic codes and genomes
2020-05 Study and experimentation of cognitive decline measurements in a virtual reality environment
2020-05 Prediction of Alzheimer's disease and semantic dementia from scene description: toward better language and topic generalization
2020-05 Tactical block planning for intermodal rail transportation
2020-05 Méta-enseignement : génération active d’exemples par apprentissage par renforcement
2020-05 VGCN-BERT : augmenting BERT with graph embedding for text classification : application to offensive language detection
2020-04 Programming tools for intelligent systems
2020-04 The load planning problem for double-stack intermodal trains
2020-03 Deep learning and reinforcement learning methods for grounded goal-oriented dialogue
2020-03 Un système de question-réponse simple appliqué à SQuAD
2020-03 Diffusion de modules compilés pour le langage distribué Termite Scheme
2020-03 Leveraging distant supervision for improved named entity recognition
2020-03 Personal information prediction from written texts
2020-01 On sample efficiency and systematic generalization of grounded language understanding with deep learning
2020-01 Générateurs de nombres aléatoires modulo un grand entier, dont l’uniformité est assurée
2020-01 Programmation stochastique à deux étapes pour l’ordonnancement des arrivées d’avions sous incertitude
2020-01 Towards using fluctuations in internal quality metrics to find design intents
2020-01 Traffic prediction and bilevel network design
2019-12 Emerging communication between competitive agents
2019-12 Hierarchical Bayesian optimization of targeted motor outputs with spatiotemporal neurostimulation
2019-12 On the bias-variance tradeoff : textbooks need an update
2019-12 Stochastic optimization of staffing for multiskill call centers
2019-12 Accurate and efficient strategies for the appearance filtering of complex materials
2019-12 Compression in Sequence to Sequence Learning for Natural Language Processing
2019-12 Balancing signals for semi-supervised sequence learning
2019-12 Representation learning in unsupervised domain translation
2019-12 Mise en oeuvre d’une approche sociotechnique de la vie privée pour les systèmes de paiement et de recommandation en ligne
2019-11 On challenges in training recurrent neural networks
2019-09 Natural image processing and synthesis using deep learning